GCC 7.1 added to Hipster and rolling forward

As a continuation to the progress on compilers in the past months, we added GCC 7.1 to our main repository yesterday: this new compiler is another step in our upgrade path.

About 80% of oi-userland had been recompiled with GCC 6.3 to provide a testing environment, and rebuilds have now started with GCC 7.1 to prepare for future compiler migration.

As usual, GCC 7.1 is installed in its own prefix ‘/usr/gcc/7’ and symlinks are provided with prefix ‘-7’ in ‘/usr/bin’.

The package includes illumos-gcc patches required to build illumos-gate, but compilation is not supported yet with this compiler: additional patches are necessary to support GCC 6 or GCC 7, and subject to ongoing integration.

To install GCC 7.1, a rather recent OpenIndiana Hipster installation is required:

pkg install gcc-7

Installing the following bundle is also recommended for a development environment:

pkg install build-essential

Do not hesitate to provide feedback, or report any issue you may encounter on the issue tracker.