Boot loader project demo v7

This is now 7th update on loader demo. This time the demo is focused a bit more about the things on screen and about things connected to the computer.

So we have frame buffer in UEFI, manageable from loader prompt with “gop” command and we have Vesa frame buffer for BIOS version, manageable with command “vesa”. GOP you can not switch on/off, just switch modes.

Both platforms do allow to set colors, set tem.fg_color=green and set tem.bg_color=black for example. Or use numeric codes 0-7 (ansi colors).

Secondary part of the demo is not done by me at all, it is development snapshot of xhci USB3, Robert Mustacchi from Joyent is working on it. It is still in development, so it can crash, not work at all, or do what it is intended for. For any feedback, please use [email protected] In case of problems you can disable xhci by entering boot -B disable-xhci=true from loader prompt.

Download is at