GCC 7.3.0-il-1

about 2.5 years ago OI devs started playing with more recent versions of GCC: the intent was to support illumos by providing a testing environment for new compilers.
We added GCC 5.x in Aug 2016, GCC 6.x in Jan 2017, GCC 7.x in April 2017, then GCC 8.x in Jan 2018.
From Sept 2016 onwards, with the kind help of Rich Lowe, illumos-gcc patches were rebased to allow building illumos and userland wih the same compiler and packages pushed to oi-userland: gcc-5/gcc-6 in Feb 2017 , gcc-7 in April 2017, gcc-8 in Jan 2018.
Dates are a good way to measure that many things that happened since the first stages 🙂
Thanks to Toomas Soome who relentlessly fixed illumos-gate with gcc-7 we are able to build the operating system with GCC 7.3.0.
OpenIndiana testing images have been running for almost a year, cherry-picking his patches on the go.
Rich finally pushed GCC 7.3.0-il-1 as the new candidate for the next default illumos compiler:
This is a great achievement, congratulations to Toomas, Rich, and everybody involved.
A shadow compilaton with gcc-7 was added recently to illumos-gate to identify possible issues introduced by RTIs.
Our gcc-7 package will be updated soon with the il-1 patchset: it is the same patchset as OI-2 except that the “disable-function-cloning” patch has been improved by John Levon.
After the update gcc 7.3.0-OI-2 will become gcc 7.3.0-il-1, do not panic 😉
We still provide testing builds based on gcc-8 for userland, and gcc-7 for illumos-gate:


While illumos-gate does not build yet with gcc-8, the patchset has been around for a while: looking forward to the next GCC 8.x.0-il.