Call for testing: gcc 6.4.0-built repository available

Hi everyone,

we are happy to announce that a repository containing all the oi-userland packages built with gcc 6.4.0 is now available for testing.

The repository is located at:

It is synchronized with the latest oi-userland bits and contains some minor updates.

While these packages have been tested for a few weeks now, be aware that the repository should be used for evaluation only (not in production).

Note that illumos-gate is still built with illumos-gcc 4.4.4.
To test this repository we recommend that you create a new Boot Environment (BE), then update manually this newly created BE.

Assume the right credentials using sudo, or pfexec if you have ‘Software Installation’ profile: you need to add sudo or pfexec before each of the following command lines.

$ beadm create 20180207-gcc6
with ‘20180207-gcc6’ an arbitrary BE name.

$ beadm mount 20180207-gcc6
Mounted successfully on: '/tmp/tmp.7mayXC'
with ‘/tmp/tmp.7mayXC’ the mountpoint of the new BE.

Add the gcc-6 repository to the list of publishers and set as preferred:
$ pkg -R /tmp/tmp.7mayXC set-publisher -P -O userland

$ pkg -R /tmp/tmp.7mayXC set-publisher --non-sticky

$ pkg -R /tmp/tmp.7mayXC publisher
userland                    origin   online F (non-sticky, disabled) origin   online F
Finally you can update the new BE:
$ pkg -R /tmp/tmp.7mayXC update -v
Be aware that the update can make up to 3GB of data.

The created BE can be chosen manually at the next reboot, or activated using:

$ beadm activate 20180207-gcc6
As usual you can always rollback to the previous BE if anything were to malfunction.
Please report any package dependency issue that may arise.

Happy testing!