OpenIndiana follows currently  a rolling-release model and all the development is focused on Hipster.

The 151a development series which was a direct descendant of the OpenSolaris project and compatible with legacy OpenSolaris installations is now unmaintained.


This series is built using the oi-userland with GCC and consists in the effort to modernize OpenIndiana.

Our main goal is to integrate all software delivered with OpenIndiana into oi-userland build system, in place of the former software consolidations.

Migration of consolidations:

The list of packages remaining for migration from X11 (XNV) and Desktop (JDS) consolidations can be consulted on the Wiki: only a small number of packages remains

If you would like to contribute, pick a component in the list and get started with building with oi-userland.

On the menu for Hipster 2016.04:

Use GCC 4.9 as default compilerPR#1520
Update Firefox to version 43PR#1540
Update Thunderbird to version 38PR#1754
Add VLC 2.2.1 and multimedia librariesPR#1616


On the menu for Hipster 2016.10:

Update NTFS-3GPR#1883
Provide the Go programming languagePR#1902
Provide GCC 5PR#1965
Update of Pulseaudio to 6.0PR#2262
Move to MATE desktop environment 1.14Completed
Move away from SunSSH to OpenSSHPR#2332
Integration of Intel KMS driver port by Martin BochnigPR#2367
Bump inkscape to 0.91PR#2338
Add ARC stats to 'top'PR#2387


Ideas for next snapshots: