Apache 2.4 is 64-bit-only now

With merge of PR #4800 Apache 2.4 has become 64-bit-only.
This is a big breaking change, because we’ve reworked Apache directory layout and configuration to facilitate IPS switch to Python 3.5.
Python 3.5 is 64-bit-only, and we had an unpleasant choice either rewrite depot and sysrepo configuration to always use 64-bit Apache version or make Apache 2.4 64-bit-only.
Also to avoid ugliness which was necessary to allow users transparently switch from 32-bit or 64-bit version with existing configs to new 64-bit only version and possible incompatibilities, we decided to break current Apache 2.4 installations on upgrade, so that administrators could immediately see the issue.

Now you know, your apache server is broken. What should you do?

  • Don’t panic.
  • Read apache24(1m).
  • If you’ve changed /etc/apache2/2.4/httpd.conf, /etc/apache2/2.4/httpd.conf.new will contain new version necessary for updated Apache2.4 to work correctly. So, merge two files manually, preserving your local changes. As you can see, /etc/apache2/2.4/conf.d/modules-*.load files have gone, and you have to include LoadModule directives either in /etc/apache2/2.4/conf.d/*.conf files or in /etc/apache2/2.4/httpd.conf directly
  • mpm_event module is used by default (if you don’t overwrite it in svc:/network/http:apache24 instance httpd/MPM property). So, fix your configuration files to avoid relying on IfModule prefork.c.
  • 64bit is not set now, so fix configuration files relying on it

Happy updating!