Open Source.

OpenIndiana is a community supported operating system, based on the illumos kernel and userland.

It is open source, free to use, and suitable for servers and desktops.

OpenIndiana and illumos provide a platform offering key technologies:

ZFSThe last word in filesystems
ZonesLightweight Virtualisation Technology
SMFService Management Facility for software lifecycle control
IPSNext generation network based package management system
FMAFault Management Architecture
COMSTAREnterprise SCSI target system supporting iSCSI/iSER/FC/FCOE
CrossbowNext generation fully virtualised high performance network stack
DTraceExtensive deep diagnosis and debugging framework
Boot EnvironmentsTransactional operating system upgrades with rollback
Role Based Access ControlLeast-privilege model for managing processes and users
IP MultipathingHigh availability networking and greater bandwidth
Integrated L3/L4 kernel mode Load Balancer
Integrated VRRP IP failover facility


Download the latest images of OpenIndiana for Desktop or Server installations.