Firefox 43 beta is now integrated to OpenIndiana Hipster

Firefox’s latest beta release has just landed in Hipster’s current repository and is available for installation.

The package is based on Martin Bochnig’s excellent port of Firefox to illumos distributions and has been merged to oi-userland by Alexander Pyhalov.

Martin’s sources are available here while the OpenIndiana component can be found here.

Firefox 43.0b7 running on Hipster.


This update addresses security issues fixed in recent Firefox releases, provides improved compatibility with numerous websites and offers now the support of Shumway for Flash content.

Several known limitations exist on OpenIndiana:

  • some websites show regressions of the Flash plugin wrapper (not related to the Firefox port itself),
  • support for audio/video codecs is not complete,
  • issues were reported with spell checking and localization.

Running HTML5 tests gives a score of 416, to be compared with a maximum of 464 reported for Firefox 40: the difference consisting of missing support for some audio/video codecs, input devices (webcam, gamepad) and WebGL.

OpenIndiana Hipster users are welcome to provide testing and report feedback to the mailing list and issue tracker.

Finally, let us thank again Martin for his continued contributions and if you would like to support his work, follow this link.