Getting Involved

Our success as a distribution depends upon the success of our community, which is why we would like to invite all those interested in the future of illumos to participate and get involved!

We have many resources from which you can get started, including our Wiki, mailing lists and IRC channel. We have development servers available which can be booked, publicly available IPS development repositories for updating to the latest builds, and Git repositories for checking out the latest source code.

Code repositories hosted on GitHub:


Copy of the illumos repository containing the core Operating System: kernel, userland, networking, …


Gnome GTK2 theme


Network connection manager for Gnome


Ports-like build system for creating packages and local repositories


Package management system


Installer for Live, Text and Network images


Replacement for sysidtool, a tool for system configuration


Graphical interface for managing ZFS snapshots and backups

Do not forget to visit our parent project at! You will find oi-dev mailing list useful if you want to contribute to OpenIndiana. Feel free to join and get any help you feel you need to work on the project. So follow one of the links above and jump straight in!