OpenIndiana Hipster 2020.10 is here

After almost 6 months of development we have released the new OpenIndiana Hipster snapshot 2020.10 right on time on October 31st, 2020. Some of the noticeable changes are:

  • After BHyVe has been upstreamed into illumos-gate we automatically got it. With the help of the OmniOSce people we were able to supply this with a bhyve branded zone for OpenIndiana.
  • FreeRDP and Remmina have been added.
  • The Squeak Virtual Machine (v4, v5 and v5 Cog) have been added and so it’s possible to run older and newer versions of Squeak Smalltalk and also Cuis Smalltalk on OpenIndiana.
  • Mate, our main desktop environment, has been updated to 1.24.
  • GCC 10 has been added.

A buch of other packages have also been updated. More information can be found in 2020.10 Release notes and new medias can be downloaded from

Alas we weren’t able to update some important packages like Firefox and Thunderbird. These are high on our agenda but due to our limited developer and test capacities we weren’t able to care for them yet. We are planning for improvements for our infrastructure in order to lower the barriers for testing and developing OpenIndiana Hipster. So, if you are not yet involved but interested feel free to contact us either on our mailing lists or on IRC.