Call for testing: repository with Xorg 1.18.4 now available

As the time for the next snapshot is coming, we have prepared a repository for testing the X11 candidate branch for Hipster 2016.10:


If you are running a recent ATI graphic adapter, be advised that we cannot provide recent drivers due to the lack of KMS support. This testing round will be mainly beneficial to people running systems with Intel and Nvidia adapters.

The repository contains:

  • Updates of almost all X11 libraries and applications to latest versions,
  • Synergy 1.7.6,
  • Xorg 1.18.4 and update of TurboVNC to use Xorg 1.18,
  • Nvidia driver 340.98,
  • Update of various Xorg drivers:
    • xf86-video-ati 6.14.6 patched for Xorg 1.18 support
    • xf86-video-cirrus to 1.5.3
    • xf86-video-intel patched to latest GIT
    • xf86-video-mga patched for G200ew3 support
    • xf86-video-openchrome to 0.5.0
    • xorg-video-r128 to 6.10.1
    • xf86-video-savage to 2.3.8
    • xf86-video-trident to 1.3.7

Recently announced CVEs are also fixed:

How to test the new X11 packages ?

  1. For safety, you should create a new Boot Environment:
sudo beadm create oi-hipster-2016-10-04-x11-update
sudo beadm mount oi-hipster-2016-10-04-x11-update /mnt

To be able to install newer X11 packages, you need to remove the version constraints on X11 packages by uninstalling the Userland incorporation:

sudo pkg -R /mnt change-facet facet.require.consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation=false
sudo pkg -R /mnt uninstall userland-incorporation

An incorporation is a meta-package locking the version of installed packages: to allow for testing the version constraints need to be removed.


2. If you have some local userland publisher, then:
sudo pkg -R /mnt unset-publisher userland


3. You can then add the publisher providing the Xorg update:

sudo pkg -R /mnt set-publisher -g userland

then set the publisher as non-sticky and userland as preferred:

sudo pkg -R /mnt set-publisher --non-sticky
sudo pkg -R /mnt set-publisher -P userland


4. Finally you can update:

sudo pkg -R /mnt update

and activate the new Boot Environment:

sudo beadm umount oi-hipster-2016-10-04-x11-update
sudo beadm activate oi-hipster-2016-10-04-x11-update


Feel free to provide feedback on the mailing-lists and IRC or even open a ticket  at 🙂

Results in the form of /var/log/Xorg.0.log and output of `x11perf -a` output are also welcome!

Happy testing!