GCC 5.4 now available as testing compiler

As we believe it is crucial to provide new development tools for testing, the latest release of the GCC 5 series, dated June 3. 2016, is now added the Hipster repository: for now GCC 4.9.4 stays the base compiler.

Supported languages in this distribution are: C, C++, Objective C and FORTRAN.

Most notable changes:

  • compilation of C language defaults now to mode GNU11,
  • new C++11 ABI is used by default,
  • full experimental support of C++ 14 is provided,
  • several link-time optimization improvements are implemented,
  • OpenMP 4.0 specification is supported,
  • preliminary OpenACC 2.0a specification is provided.

The package FMRI for GCC 5 is pkg:/developer/gcc-5 while runtime libraries are provided in separate packages.

Files are installed in /usr/gcc/5 and symbolics links to the binaries are provided for convenience in /usr/bin e.g /usr/bin/gcc-5 -> /usr/gcc/5/bin/gcc.