Getting started

OpenIndiana works on most PCs (help us support SPARC). All downloads support both 32-bit and 64-bit processors. 64-bit mode is automatically selected if at least 900 megabytes of memory (RAM) are available.

To check if your hardware is supported, you can refer to the illumos HCL and the OpenIndiana Community HCL; alternatively, you can boot a Live install media and run the Device Driver Utility (ddu).

Important: There are 2 different header files (1G and 2G). Use the 1G header file with the Text Install USB. Use the 2G  header file with the Live USB.

Download the current legacy release of OpenIndiana for desktops.

The live DVD includes a graphical installer, but can also be used for servers.

Download the current legacy release of OpenIndiana for servers.

The text installer is suitable for headless installation and does not include desktop software.

Like what you see? Find out how you can help. Our Wiki has a list of alternate download sites.

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